Dating & Other Hobbies

“Hits like an espresso martini served in a library by a doctor of philosophy dancing to Lady Gaga” Phill Jupitus


Dating & Other Hobbies is a collection of female-centered poetry and short stories treating the reader with the honesty of a wine-guzzling bestie on a night out, making it both gut-wrenching and spit-your-tea-out funny.



Praise for D&OH:


“As engaging on the page as she is on stage, Hepburn consistently
outdoes herself with courage, grace and humour”
Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey – author and rapper


“A vicarious thrill-ride of a book, dragging you on an epically sexy, boozy good night out and not sparing your blushes, aches or throbbing head the morning after. A witty, gorgeous, genital-warts-and-all take on millennial dating culture that had me curling my toes for a number of reasons” Kirstin Innes – author


“Explores what it means to be a fierce young self-assured, sex-loving feminist in a fast-paced dating world where the rules of engagement are redefined on a daily basis” Cora Bissett – playwright


Cover design by Robyn Claire Anderson