Regenerate Festival

Refuge Worldwide presents Regenerate Festival – their first festival weekender. It’s a free to attend, online & offline event, across 24-26th Sept. Join us for a series of DJ sets, workshops, panel discussions, comedy and live performance. I’m curating and hosting an evening of spoken word and comedy on Sunday the 26th September to close… Continue reading Regenerate Festival

Dating & Other Hobbies w/ Zara Janjua

🍒 Dating in a toyshop, treating Scottish water like it’s holy, winching behind skate rinks, being rated out of 10 by a diplomat, and answering the age-old question … Is LinkedIn a sexy app? Join me as I interview the multi-hyphenated powerhouse Zara Janjua⁣. ⁣ 🍒 Massive congrats to @tvzaraj for her TWO @funny_women nominations 👑 ⁣ ⁣ 🍒… Continue reading Dating & Other Hobbies w/ Zara Janjua

Oak – A Radical Act of Love

A cinepoem created by a group of artists in Berlin⁣ ⁣ 🌱 ‘A Radical Act of Love: Arborescence, Echoing the Mycorrhizal Network of Oaks’ is a new project that illustrates the current development of curatorial practice by artist Siobhan Healy, where the planting of oak saplings has led to global artistic commissions, inspired by the… Continue reading Oak – A Radical Act of Love

Press for Glengoyne Whisky Campaign

After a long wait, my poem Kiss was finally mounted at City Social bar in London. It was part of Glengoyne Whisky’s global Unhurried Campaign, and written in special ink that won’t appear for another 50 years. The story was covered by The Scotsman (below) and the Press and Journal.

Dating & Other Hobbies w/ Li Laurent

Bonding over boozy teenage years, space themed dates, the crossover of therapy and singing, creating demonic ovulation vibes through music, and the benefits of embracing who you are. Join me for my chat with the gorgeous singer-songwriter (and therapist) Li Laurent. Listen back here

Dating & Other Hobbies w/ Bee Asha Singh

Breaking into a castle to set some boundaries, emo teenage love in a small town, when a meet-cute isn’t so cute, and exploring how our words can heal trauma. Join me as I interview the badass rapper and spoken word artist Bee Asha Singh. CW: Sexual assault and abortion. Listen here